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Bromo(tri-tert-butylphosphine)palladium(I) dimer
    Publish time 2022-08-01 16:52    
Chemical Name Bromo(tri-tert-butylphosphine)palladium(I) dimer
CAS No. 185812-86-6
Synonyms Dibromobis(tri-tert-butylphosphine)dipalladium(I)
Product No. Pd20
Chemical Formula
Formula Structure
Molecular Weight 777.28
Precious Metal Content 27.4%
Colour & Form Dark green crystals.
Storage Requirements Store in a cool, dry place in a tightly sealed container under nitrogen.
Water Solubility Insoluble
Solubility Soluble in benzene and toluene.
Melting Point  
Sensitivity Air and moisture sensitive. Store cold.
Application Highly active for all coupling reactions especially amination and Suzuki coupling. Catalyst for C-C, C-N, and N-S bond formation.
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