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Platinum (IV) oxide
    Publish time 2022-08-01 14:39    
Chemical Name Platinum (IV) oxide
CAS No. 1314-15-4
Synonyms Adams' catalyst;  Platinum dioxide
Product No. Pt05
Chemical Formula
Formula Structure
Molecular Weight 227.08
Precious Metal Content 85.0%
Colour & Form Black powder
Storage Requirements Store in a cool, dry place in a tightly sealed container.
Water Solubility Insoluble
Solubility Insoluble in water, acid and aqua regia. Slight soluble in acetone and chloroform. Soluble in conc.acids and dil.sol. of KOH.
Melting Point 450 ℃
Sensitivity Air and moisture stable.
Application Hydrogenation, oxidation, reduction, lactonization and lactamization reaction. Catalyst for hydrogenation of various functional groups with minimal hydrogenolysis problems; used as dehydrogenation catalyst; used for selective oxidation of primary alcohols. Catalyst for hydrohydrazination reactions, oxidation of sugars, low-temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide, oxygen reduction reaction, hydrogenation reactions, hydrogenolysis of the cyclopropyl group into an isopropyl group, hydroxycyclopropanation reactions.
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